Monday, September 27, 2004

Writer's Group Tonight

Tonight is the first writer's group where we're going to give comments. I sent my piece to Joseph, Mike and Gabi- the new girl - and received a story from Joseph and some writing from Gabi. Joseph's is a sketch (and probably an autobiographical account) of the demise of a relationship. No fun to read, but it has some interesting bits, details. Gabi's is about a teenaged girl and an affair she had with a teacher. Who knows if that is autobiographical too. It's written in a very teen voice. So either Gabi is really in touch with her inner-teen, or she's completely immature.

Last night I was thinking about my father and his wife and how they've begun voicing anti-gay opinions. Granted, I asked, but from what they've both said over the past few years, I honestly didn't think their opinions would be so severe. I think it comes down to me feeling betrayed by them. I'll have to write more later. It felt very clear last night

F is in Florence until Thursday night. It's now Monday morning. He left last night. He left for the airport at 5:30 and didn't board the plane until 9:30 - too much. They have delays every week. He arrived safely.

Dutch class continues to go well. I studied vocabulary Saturday while we were in, and on our way to Roermond, in the south of the country. It's a small city with outlet shops and F needed to visit the outlet to meet people and see how it's going. I looked at the sylibus and saw that we have a vocabulary test tomorrow. I'm good at vocabulary tests. Sometimes it's a challenge to make a word like "voordurend" mean "always," but there are ways to do it. Not every word is completely without logic, although some are. Actually, "voor" means "for" and the verb "duren" means "to continue." So that one is not that difficult - "for to continue" - "always." But some are totally wacko.

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