Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Writer's Group

I've been thinking lately that I don't really have friends here. It shouldn't bother me that much. I know I've only been here seven months. But it's not like I don't know anybody. I know lots of people. And I'm social and involved in things. But I don't feel like "friend" is a title I can bestow on anyone. It'll come in time.

I'm so happy my writer's group is about to happen. Our first meeting is on September 15th. Should be good. I have four other people coming. I'm excited. So it'll be another social outlet. So great to want something and make it happen. I don't really know about any of them.

There's a guy, M, who I always picture as Latino in some way. He's 28. I think because he's South African/Portugese or something. He plays the guitar, and has never been in a writer's group. There's a girl, R, she is from Seattle and lives in Rotterdam. I don't have high hopes that she'll continue, because she lives so far away. A guy, J, I have no idea about. I'm guessing late 20's white guy. No idea. And a guy, T, who is arriving from America today. And then another girl, S, said she was interested. So I'm excited.

The editor of the anthology (?) I will be in sent me the last edition of a story that will be included in the book. Now I'm really excited. I don't know that they're such materpieces, but it's so much fun that I'm about to be published again. It's almost too bad that it's nothing that Mom, Dad or L could find it within themselves to enjoy or take any pleasure in. I'm sort of over them being so conservative. I think Mom might be able to say that it's nice that I'm published. But Dad and L will probably ignore anything about it. They completely ignored The Diarist's Journal and that wasn't even anything racy at all - I thought.

Anyway, in this one particular story, I use the F-word twice, I think. And the GD word once. And I mention sex, which wouldn't go over well. But it's a really good story. It's a pity they are so much like they are.

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