Friday, October 29, 2004

Living with a Dutchie - After

While I was SO not in the mood to go to this tonight, I am really glad I did.  We had a lot of fun.  Out of my group of eight - including me - six of us showed up.  That's a very nice percentage. 

Turns out that the cafe was quite a good venue for this sort of event.  We started in a corner - my choice - and then, after a coup, we moved to a better location.  The waitstaff is by and large young and cute, in that indescribably Dutch way.  The group members seem keen on doing it again.  Funny how there's a need for this that people really appreciate. 

And now the roll call:
Jennifer - An English lawyer who's lived here less than six months.  She's working, early 30's I would say.  Drinks beer.  Smokes.

Laybelin - From the Dominican Republic, not working, here seven months, already involved in inburgering(!), not married, quiet, glasses, lives right outside Amsterdam, early 20's.  Drinks o.j.

Caroline - A self-professed computer geek, from Plymouth our someplace really southern in England, laughs a lot, very sweet and talkative, late 20's probably, here 5 or so months, not married.  Drinks o.j., left early for weekend in London.  Smokes.

Carolina - From Chili, very sweet and talkative, first one to arrive, so she has a special place in my heart, here ONE month, been married to the guy for three years, mid 20's.  Drinks beer.  Smokes.

Sonia - From France, was with Caroline for the first hour at the bar before they decided to ask where Andy was.  They'd just met at the bar mentioning my name.  After a half a glass of red wine, she got a phone call and had to leave.  But this was not without telling everyone about the wonders of the Dutch Conversation place she's been to.  She gave me her e-mail address so I could get the number from her.  Early to mid-30's - she's probably hit me on the head for saying that.  Seems very nice and very talkative, good English.  Smokes.

I'm reading a children's book  It's scary and one kid says, "Shit."  So it's not like a baby book.  I'm reading on like a 12-14 year old level!  It's very nice. I thought Fred's old Kinderbijble - or Children's Bible was going to be my first book, but I think LYC-DROP will be my first. It's really scary to read at night. Can't wait to go to bed.

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