Monday, October 11, 2004

The Master Debator

Here's my quick opinion on the Vice-Presidential debate and the second Presidential Debate.

Vice-Presidential Debate: Dick Cheney is a gruff, mean-looking bastard. He always looks like someone has just pissed him off royally. His main argument was, "'s hard to know where to start since all of his facts are wrong." I don't like him. John Edwards seemed to be honestly trying to make some arguments, but seemed to use the "your facts are wrong" argument a lot too. Thing is, I believed Edwards. It was good, but I was glad when it was over. Thing is, it's probably really difficult to go on a national debate and defend yourself when you've done a crappy job and your a mean, yucky person.

Presidential Debate: I will admit that Bush did better this time, but he's still an ass. He is a smug lying piece of poop from what I can see. I think he's lying about a lot of stuff, but I think that he believes that he's doing the best for the country, even if doing his best entails a few lies and a few billion dollars in extra debt. Problem is that I think he's wrong. John Kerry seems to be a really smart guy. I believe him when he talks. I wonder what he'll be like in four years when he's defending his record against the next Republican candidate. If there is any justice, Bush will be digging holes in Crawford, TX after January.

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