Friday, December 17, 2004

Ed is out for Carole

Mark my words, Ed wants Carole out. Ed is the new Head Cook. Carole is some kind of up and coming Cook's assistant or something. She's very sweet, but also very second-string. Carole is one of those that speaks to me very directly and only uses English when absolutely necessary.

Today we were out of broccolli, beets and what substitues for French Fries - patat. It was a pain having to tell almost every single bewoner what we had and didn't have. Anyway, in the meeting in the morning, Ed once again blamed the problem on Carole. It's a pity. I think she is the one in charge of ordering and she doesn't seem to be doing a great job. I can always tell by the tone that Ed has great contempt for Carole. Jammer. I like Carole.

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