Friday, February 25, 2005


Yesterday I sent my pumped up resume to a woman I met at a mixer on Monday afternoon. She sent back a very "pat" answer about not having a "suitable opportunity" at the moment. It just seems like such bs. So today I am a little discouraged. Not a lot, not suicidal, but I'm giving my optimism muscles a well needed rest.

Not sure what I need to do next. I'm glad it's Friday so I don't have to be pressured to produce or work for a day or two. Plus F is off to Florence on Monday evening. I won't stay in this "place" long, but I feel like it's appropriate to visit for a little and rest.

Work at the nursing home is going well. I'm to the point with a lot of situations that I immediately answer some questions in Dutch without thinking about it. I was talking to my pal, Dana, the other day about it. It seems like a matter of getting out of my own way and just letting my brain go. I have the most problems when I think too much about what I'm saying.

I have an appointment for Samenspraak (Literally: Together Speak) on Tuesday at 10:30. If I do well, I get assigned an "older" (50+) person who agrees to speak with me on a regular basis for a year. I was amazed to get through the phone interview with the intake woman. I also have an appointment on Monday with the Inburgering people. Apparently, the woman (who called and then sent a letter) is confused by what my next step is. Her phone message said that she had "conflicting" information. My mind went immediately to: I actually failed the test! But I think it's more that I passed the test and yet she has me on the list for free classes. So I'll meet with her on Monday. I don't want to call. I'd rather talk with her face to face. It's much easier to understand.

Tonight is a little gathering at the home of the pastor of my church. It's just a glass of wine and chat. F bowed out. I'm not surprised. He has to leave on Monday and feels pressured to get things finished - altough I don't think that's how he would put it. He's had auditors in the office all week.

It was Mevrouw Van der Erf's birthday today. She is 84 today. She is wheelchair bound. She said when her son Bart comes to visit she looks up and kisses him and then says, "Oh! My neck hurts!" Then she says, "Doesn't matter" and continues pantomiming kisses. Tomorrow Mevrouw Kirchner is 92. She's one of my favorites, also in a wheelchair. She always smiles at me very nicely. So if she's 92, and she had a kid at, say, 25, that kid must be 67. It's amazing how old these folks are.

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