Thursday, April 21, 2005

Keeping Up Appearances

Last weekend, F and I were invited to dinner at the apartment of a woman I know from church, Camilia. I wanted to go because she is a sweet Canandian girl and we sort of bond because we are among the few North Americans in the choir. She lives on the Herengracht, which is a very nice area. She's also done a lot of interesting things in her life, even if she's a little chatty about it.
The dinner was fine, pasta with pesto and a salad with tons of stuff in it. But the shocking thing was that for a single girl, she has an amazingly cluttery house. There's just too much stuff going on. F likes the clean look, lots of empty space, and this apartment was just not it. After we left I told him, "You should have seen the upstairs." It was a mess, but she was nice and she's put a lot of effort into the evening.

Cut to the two of us at home. I am running all the time with this new job. And my evenings are taken up with class, choir and tonight this Living with a Dutchie beer thing. F said, "You need to clean that up." He was pointing to a chair piled with clothes. "If you want to live like that, you can move in with Camilia." So poor Camilia has turned into the poster child for living like a slob.

I bargained and he's giving me to the weekend to get things together. I know throwing clothes in a chair is not the way to go, but I litereally get home around ten o'clock several nights a week. It's difficult to manage this work and school thing. And my eating habits have gone to...heck. But I like working.

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