Monday, April 04, 2005

Time for Work

Thursday morning, as I was walking out the door to Riekerhof, the phone rang. It was Jill from Adams' Multilingual Recruitment. She said she had a job for me starting Monday. It's a Personal Assistant job to three Vice Presidents at UPC, a cable company here. Jill said it was a good possibility and that she's know for sure in the next few hours. I should tell her if I wanted it. I said yes.

I started saying good-buy immediately to the residents at Riekerhof, and to the staff. F thought I was being a little quick. He thought I was jumping when I should have been preceding with caution or something. Thursday afternoon, I spoke to Jill again and she said I had it for sure.

Apparently, there was a woman there for three weeks. She went to Australia for two weeks on vacation. I'm filling in for her. When she gets back, if we both want the job, we'll interview for it...or something.

So today is my first da of work at my first job in Amsterdam. The office is at Schipol Rijk. I have to get myself to Museumplein by 7:50 to catch the company bus. Once there, I'm supposed to talk to Helen in Human Resources who will introduce me to the people I'll be working for. I'm quite excited.

F is out of town. So I set both alarm clocks. I had some horrible fantasy about waking up late and having to get ready in ten minutes. I should get on the good foot. I bought a new journal for the new job. I want to record some first impressions of people - and expectations.

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