Monday, January 16, 2006

I Think I Recognize that Lesbian

The last week or so, on my commute, I have seen this woman a few times. I usually stand in the same place and she brings her stuff up and parks next to me.

She's got a foldable bike and usually has a backpack with another bag. She does an amazing job of organizing everything so that she can get on the train. She's a total butch dyke that I think I know. She's very handsome and has a nice rugged look. I think I've been to her house for a potluck. But I'm not sure that it's her and I would sort of rather listen to my ipod and do my sudoku than make idle chatter.

It's my morning. I feel like I should be able to be alone for a few minutes - in my bubble.

Maybe I'll see her at the next party and say, "I thought I recognized you!" Then I'll have to start taking the next train.

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