Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hyacinths Planted

Inspired by fellow blogger, Miss Bad Penny, I have planted hyacinths in a pot in my office. I've had a pot of dirt sitting there for some time. I dragged it in and it's become part of the the background, like traffic noise or a pile of clothes sitting in a chair that you don't see any more.

The pot is red and is sitting in the Fame and Reputation gua of the office. Hopefully un wrapping it and planting beautiful flowers in it will enhance its good energy. Apparently even wrapped up, my office partner has been benefitting. Or maybe it's just that people like her. People like me, too, but certain elements are more attracted to her fine qualities than to mine. I won't go any further with that.

I spoke with a friend on the bus yesterday who says that he hates it here. He says the lack of sun is getting him down. I'm not crazy about the sun. I just looked at him and thought, Wow. I really love it here. And I like the weather. That said, today is completely foggy and I feel like that hazy fogginess has seeped into my head.

Years ago my friend, Patty, called me and insisted that I immeditely go buy some hyacinths. I was in NYC and, like Amsterdam, flowers were easy to come by. I went out and got some that were already blooming. The smell filled up my apartment and I have enjoyed having them ever since. A little early spring that I'm looking forward to.

So thanks, Miss Bad Penny, and thanks for the watering tip!

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