Thursday, March 02, 2006

Inburgering Klaar

Today I had my last meeting with my Inburgering Coach, Moniek. Oddly, the whole thing was done in Dutch. I say oddly because all of my other interactions with her have been in English. Certainly my first appointment, but I think I've spoken with her two other times and they were both English as well.

Moniek looks like a social worker in a bad neighborhood. Like she's got way too many people to follow and she continues to get more and more work piled on her every day. She just looks haggered. She's really nice, but I don't have a lot to talk to her about. Anyway, it went quickly.

After this last appointment, the next step is for me to take my last test at school. I've heard that it's the same test I took to get into class - so, in theory, it will not be that difficult. My pal, Miya, took it and passed.

After that (plus one more year here), Moniek said that I will be eligible for a Dutch passport. Apparently, there's a very low level of Dutch necessary for citizenship. Of course, unless I'm married or legally partnered to ole Fred, that would mean giving up my little blue passport, which I'm not really able to seriously consider at this point. I have a friend who did it recently, and another who is seriously considering it, but at this point, it seem a little premature. They've both lived in Europe for fifteen years, and while I don't plan on ever moving back to the US, it seems a little soon to make a decision like that if it's not necessary.

My horoscope today said: "Make an effort to see how far you've come even in just the mere span of a year or two. Are you impressed? You should be. Even if the results aren't immediate and material, your spiritual progress is considerable."

It is amazing how much has happened - how far I've come - in a year or two. Impressed, maybe. Amazed, definitely. Do I feel integrated? I was more integrated after six months than some of these jokers I know are after five years. That's just how I am. Get in and get your feet wet.

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