Friday, June 16, 2006

Haiku Friday - Week 1

I recently read a little post about Haiku Friday and I thought I would give it a try. I like a weekly thing, but some things are either too silly or too high maintenance. But I like this one.

Actually, in preparation for my birthday, I almost did 41 haikus - one per day. It's a fun idea, but then that vacation came up and I knew internet access would be spotty, so I decided to put a kabosh on that idea in favor of saving more space in my brain for vacationing.

So here goes:

Saw opera last night
Angels in America
My opinion: crap

Disclaimer: It's not that Angels in America is crap, or that all opera is crap. It's that this modern German production was tedious, terribly truncated and mostly screaming. I think Fred and I need to find the DVD and see that. I saw it in NYC years ago. I enjoyed it, did my gayboy duty.

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