Friday, January 12, 2007

Office Supply Store

I love office supplies. Today, I went to the office supply store by Fred’s office for some supplies to help me organize my knitting things. When I left, I was € 20 lighter and almost floating. Listening to podcasts lately has given me some ideas on how to organize my stash and needles and other things. I’m really excited.

A stock of yarn is called a “stash.” Sort of a druggy term, but I didn’t make it up. People talk about their stash all the time, and while I have a fair amount, I have nothing compared to many people. Some people keep it in a couple of large boxes (or a room). I keep mine in a couple of bags – and they’re not even full. Fred thinks my stash is already taking up too much space in the apartment. He has no idea what would happen if I had less self-control.

Today, I bought ziplock bags, large and small, as well as labels and plastic paper protectors for my patterns. That last one is a little geeky, but it’s recommended. I’m also starting a knitting journal. At this moment, my stash is on the floor of the living room. I’m looking forward to organizing it. It’s sort of amazing.

My ongoing projects are as follows:

1. Rework and finish a sweater I started for Fred two years ago – this time with a pattern.
2. Do a set a house shoes with the yarn I got for Christmas.
3. Finish my socks.

I won’t be able to wear the socks when they’re done, but hopefully they will help me understand how big I should make the next pair so that they fit me.

Blogger has been giving me fits lately. So I’m a little frustrated with it. Not sure what’s going on. If this is posted, it’s obviously okay for now.


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