Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maastricht et al.

Fred and I went to Maastricht this weekend. It's not the Southern most point in the Netherlands, but it's pretty close. It's a charming little city. Fred hadn't been there in a number of years and I had never been there, so we went for a little overnight. Surprisingly, it's only two and a half hours away from Amsterdam. (It looks much farther.)

We didn't do much but walk around and eat and see things. It's one of those cities that has the oldest this and the oldest that all over the place. I think there's was something about a guy who brought Christianity or Prodestantism to The Netherlands. And there's a saint there.

Strangest thing was that they had cobwebs all over the place. On gates, in churches. They were thick and sort of "haunted house-y." It wasn't so much that it made the place spooky, but you'd think someone would grab a water hose and clean them off now and then.

One of the things I like best about going on vacation with Fred is that we snack a lot. And The Netherlands in general has some pretty great snack food. I don't think we had french fries, but we had a nice Italian ice on the big square and something else that was probalby fried.

We ate at a nice restaurant with a waiter who seemed to be feeling his way around the table as if he'd never done it before. We were walking him through everything. When the wine came, another waiter came up and said, "Wait, let me get my student." He walked our waiter through opening the wine (Very well done. I know. I was a waiter.) It seems that it was indeed his first night. Good luck to him.

I love a trip like this because it gives me a couple of hours to do something with virtually no interuptions. I finished a hat for The Dulaan Project, which is a hat. I'll post a picture after I put on the pompom. it's not much, but it'll keep some kids head warm this winter. That makes a gaitor, a hat, and a scarf that I've done. I want to do at least one more thing. Everything has to be in Arizona by July 15 in order to get to Mongolia by the winter. If you knit, you might think of doing something quickly. (I think they also take fleece things if all you have is credit card.)

So that's Maastricht. Not much to report. Just a nice trip out of town. Get out of the house for a night. Fred's a gem. Now my vacation is officially over and I have to go back to school tomorrow. Vacation is nice. I can't wait until the summer!

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