Monday, June 04, 2007

Scarf of Many Colors

I am trying to bust some stash right now and in doing that, I made this scarf. Fred was pretty appauled at it when I started it. (He commented negatively on it when he had only seen the red and yellow at the end.) But I persevered and now it's done. It's very Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. I'm sending it to The Dulaan Project. I figure someone there will love a colorful scarf made with my all wool scraps. It'll be warm. I'm sure it'll be the toast of the village.

The great thing is that it used up tons of yarn. Three full balls and some partial balls. I doubled a lot of it and did it in a moss stitch. I like the moss stitch. It wears well and it feels nice and nubbly. That black yarn will not go away. I was planning on using it all up and it refused. Maybe I can get a hat out of it and send it off to Mongolia with the rest - by July 15 I think. The scarf, by the way, is a little over two meters.

In an attempt to learn to knit "the Elizabeth Zimmerman way," I am reading The Knitting Workshop, which I am already finding helpful. I'm to the point where I've cast on and I've done the ribbing and two inches of stockinette. Now she had just told "us" (the us that is reading the book and doing the workshop. In reality, it's just me) that we are ready to do color work. I have tons of other things to do, so I've set that on the couch and I'm working on other things for a few hours. When it's finished (it will be the same green as is in the scarf) it will head off to Mongolia as well. Love charity knitting.

Note: My best friend in the whole world, Patty, just wrote to tell me that this is an ugly scarf. I know it's ugly. I made it so that I could use up some scrap yarn. However, I stand by my statement that somebody will love it. I'm under no illusions that it's a beautiful scarf.

There. I said it.

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Anonymous said...

And if I know you (and I believe I do), you will find that person who loves that scarf and befriend them, despite their unique taste in scarves.