Friday, August 24, 2007

Glove Unveiling

Here is a picture of my wonderful glove that I just finished. The front and the back - obviously. I'll start it's twin when I'm finished when I get some time. I'm working steadily on the twin to the mult-colored sock in the last post. I would love to get it off the needles and onto my foot. As I said, I'm so very happy with this glove. It fits well and it was fairly quick to make, except for those fingers, which took an hour each. I think my next pair will have some embroidery in them. I like the idea of having a pair with knuckle tattoes like the knucks on and maybe something on the back of one or both hands - something tough, but playful.

I listened to a podcast today about doing two socks on two circulars - it was Knit Science for those keeping track. I'm really into that idea as this second sock just seems to be eating up my time and taking its own sweet time getting made. I told Fred last Sunday that I wanted to get it finished by next Sunday at midnight. That might not get done as I have been job searching and other organizing type activities.

We had some neighbors for a few months who just moved. They were an American-Dutch couple. The wife was from NYC and had lived here for 17 years. They have two sons who were sort of personality-less and had a terrible "habit" of hitting the button on the first floor so that the elevator always stopped at the first floor on the way down. (They usually walked to the ground floor.) I spoke to the wife, Lynn I think, several times. She always seemed like she was in another world, partially due to the kids (bored pre-teens) and partially due to what appeared to be the aftermath of a stroke. But she was sweet and I always enjoyed seeing her - thought she might be a friend. When the husband told me that they would be moving to Brazil, I was a bit surprised. When I said something about it to Lynn in passing, (something like, "Brazil??!") she said, "Not until August. We'll talk before that." We didn't. Now they've gone. Bye, you guys.

Our neighbor, Pita, has a roof terrace that actually belongs to everyone in that line of the building. However, most people in that line either find it inconvenient to come upstairs to sit on the terrace or the terrace seems like Pita's territory, which it feels like to me as well. Lynn and the boys were out there a lot, and the husband used it as his smoking room. Now there's no one using the terrace, which is fine for me since it's right next to our balcony and I like the feeling of privacy sitting out there knitting in the mornings.

Big party for Vera and Matthy, two of Fred's sibs, on Saturday in Haarlem. And I just made reservations to see Rescue Dawn. I've heard lots of good reviews about it. (As Fred says, "It's gotten good critics.") Those are our big plans for the weekend - and I'll try to make to church on Sunday, although if we get in after midnight on Saturday, that might not happen.

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Elemmaciltur said...

No, no, no! Not Two Socks on Two Circs. That method drove me totally nuts when I tried it. All those yarns and the needle ends hanging and dangling around to get all tangled up. Rest assure, you'll be spending more time playing kitty instead of knitting.

If you really want to do two socks at once, do it on MagicLoop.