Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bitter, Raw Cold

I met a woman named Beth the other day who mentioned that she was a blogger. She said that after finally feeling like she's settled here (she moved here in January), she doesn't feel like there's so much to write about. She said, shrugging, "I just did a post on the weather."

Similarly, my friend, Mike, used to say that it was evidence that you have absolutely nothing to talk about when you start talking about the weather.

So...it's been really cold here lately. Just kidding. I mean it has been, but it's hardly anything to write a whole post about. It's the kind of cold where I just want to turn up the heat, put on thick wool socks and stay inside - and knit. I mean it's so raw. There's a wetness in the air and I can't imagine going without gloves like some of those Dutch people. And a hat! How do people go without a hat? Granted, most everyone has a thicker crop on their pate than I do, but still.

Anyway...I just used the word pate. I'd better move on.

Fred and I leave for Ohio today. Our flight is at around 11:00 in the morning and we'll get into Cincinnati around 4:30 in the afternoon. We loose six hours, for anyone not aware of where Europe is in comparison to the US. (I still have people in the States ask me, "Are you guys ahead of us or behind us?") I believe we're ahead of the States, in a number of ways.

So last night I gave Fred his anniversary gifts. I warned him there would be gifts. I gave him the Three-Year Sweater, pictured below. It's made out of Lana Grossa Numero Uno 100 % superwash wool. Fred picked it out three years ago from the shop owned by "the Thai queen," a very nice guy who was probably Indonesian. It's closed now, but it was a nice shop. Totally color coordinated, like him. I started the sweater three or four times, finally bringing in Elizabeth Zimmerman to help me and Cassandra and Robert for hands-on help. It'll be a house sweater. I won't use that wool again. I'm not big on the superwash. Now I know better. He tried it on and the sleeves are pretty long. I measured. I swear I did. Oh well. First sweater down. Onward and upward.

The second item are these socks made in Manos del Uraguay (#6460 bought at Egg Mercantile right here in town, for anyone interested). I saved enough of the wool that I can take them out a bit in the toe, which is good because they're a hair too short. I used most of the extra on my own house socks, which I will finish on the airplane. I had to use the flash for the photo, but the color is pretty true to the color of the sock. Fred sort of picked out the color, in a way. He liked the color.

Then I got him Jamie Oliver's new book, which is probably more for me than him. But cost €37, 50 (Do you know what that is in guilders!!) and to get over the shock of the price, I had them gift wrap it and I decided it would be a gift for him. He'll see right through it, but it's gift number three. If it were the only gift, that would totally cheesy.

He had seen the sweater finished sitting on a chair, so he got me a Tommy Hilfiger sweater that is totally me. I'll take it to Ohio and get a snap. He's good at buying stuff like that. I have many more name brands than I would otherwise have because of him. And he has hand knit socks.

So I have tons of knitting time ahead of me. We're in transit for a long time, plus I might be able to knit at the house. I'm all set for projects and I'm bringing a few extra just in case I run out. I'm so excited to see Patty and the rest of the Manning/Miller/Carrier/Courtney clan. Now I just need to think of a song for karaoke.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy and Happy Thanksgiving! I also visited "the Thai Queen" just before he shut down his shop. Such a shame! I thought it was an amazing find, that little color coordinated shop in the Jordaan. He told me his boyfriend made him retire and that he couldn't find anyone to buy his shop. Everything was discounted and I bought plenty. I was tempted to buy the shop myself! Alas, no money either. When, oh when, will someone in Amsterdam open a big yarn shop with lots of selection???