Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stitch 'n Bitch-Dag 2007

I'll be leaving in a bit to go to Rotterdam to the big, Dutch Stitch-n-Bitch. I'm sort of excited, except that I'm so tired from a rather exhausting week. It's also a little overwhelming to think about being in a building with a lot of strangers who are speaking Dutch. But when I think about it, that's my whole life, so there's nothing to be overwhelmed about. Plus, I'm sure to run into knitters I know.

I hope to buy some yarn that I can't normally find in Amsterdam. And, of course, I'm taking a workshop, which I've never done. I'm learning "brioche" with Nancy Merchant. I wrote about it here linking it all over the place, so I won't do that now. But there will be celebrity guests, one of whom is Debbie Stoller. I might pick up her new book especially for men if I can get it at a decent price signed. If not, I'll just get it later.

In terms of what I will knit on the train, I think I might take the sweater I've been working on, which is pictured below. I've only got about seven inches done, so it's still a manageable size for the train.

It's an Elizabeth Zimmerman design. Completely in the round with no seams - it's that any-size, any-yarn, lots of math sweater. And I decided to do the garter stitch border at the bottom and on the cuffs of the sleeves like she suggested. When I knit the same sweater for Fred (out of a completely different yarn, and it took me about three years because I kept ripping it out and starting over - until I decided to use this design. I finally finished, but I haven't given it to him because it's a surprise.) Anyway, when I knit it for him, I did ribbing on the bottom and cuffs because I knew he wouldn't go for the garter stitch, which EZ swears by. I'm much more chill about that and I wanted to see what it looked like.

This sweater popped into my head one night during choir - inspired by the first wearing of my gloves - could I link to the gloves more often? The sweater I saw while singing was more of a chocolate brown, but this is a very nice yarn. Not really as red as in the pictures. After I bought it, I rode by Sally's house and showed it to her, and she cooed over the color. It's a nice yarn, very tweedy. It'll be warm and light. I hope that it's done before this winter is over - he says in early November.

I'm really excited about the day. It'll be nice to be out of the house and in a place where I can buy a lot of nice yarn. (Nice, too, to have free reign to yarn shop.) Plus, I'm taking that class. I'm not crazy about Rotterdam, but I haven't been there in a while. I should take the camera, huh?


Eric & Tony said...

You are a braver man than me trying to post every day for a month. It'll be interesting to see what you come up with as posts.

Mama Mojo said...

Hey. Hope you had fun! I've never been in the Van Nelle, but it's about a five minute bike ride. It's been made into a monument. Love your sweater! You're so creative! My mother-in-law used to teach knitting. She knits and reads, and watches tv all at the same time. She's made me some pretty fancy sweaters with cable knit, flowers all linked together. My daughter has a matching one. I saw a 1970s Dutch ad depicting women who knit as "good women." :-) It might be fun to learn! Many of my sweaters got moth eaten a few years ago, and I haven't replaced them. Dietert can knit, sew, cook! LL