Thursday, February 07, 2008

UFOs Off the Needles

I promised myself that I would finish all of my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) before I would start anything else. One of the projects that I had started was this Noro scarf รก la Jaren Flood. It's finally finished and I managed to have only about a foot of yarn left over when I bound off! It's a nice looking scarf, which I will be happy to wear, maybe starting tomorrow.

I bought four balls of Noro Kureyon and later realized that I had bought three of one colorway and one of a different colorway. I thought they would work well together. However, when I got to the end of the first two balls (knit together to form the striping), I realized that 50% more would be fine, more would be too much. So I split the ball into halves and went from there. Usually the striping is pretty distinct. But you can see in the upper photo that it sometimes gets really muddled, which is fine. It only goes on for a little while and then it's back to the regular striping.

I realized that this is not everyone's taste. The colors are sort of a strange mix. However, I'll wear it with pride and not do this pattern again for a really long time. (read: Oh my God it's boring and goes on for friggin' ever!)

Then there was this little gem that has been sitting in my knitting basket staring back at me since July. I had to bite the bullet and finish it. It looks fine from here, but it has lots of flaws. Extra stitches at the end of the row that I just incorporated. I would have ripped back, or ripped it out, but I just wanted it to be done. It's really soft. I used a cashmere-wool mix from Rowan - Cashsoft? So it's super soft and nice, but I won't give it to anyone where there's even a slight possibility of seeing it again. I had one more ball to go on it, but I stopped it. It's still a nice length. It'll probably end up in Mongolia. They won't be looking for my mistakes.

Someone on Ravelry commented that this would make a nice blanket. It would. It's just a Fish Tail Lace Pattern. It's a six row repeat with every other row purled. I just want it out of my face. I was going to give it to my mother, but she deserves better. Plus, there's the chance that I'd see it again and I really don't want that. Bless it with love and release it.

Below is a nice shot of it. I recommend this yarn. It's luxurious and comes in a nice variety of colors. The pattern is also nice - free download from KnitPicks. You just have to pay close attention and fix the mistakes, which I was at first unable, and later unwilling, to do.

I bought some beads today at Coppenhagen 1001 Kralen. I'm going to make Ice Queen. I have the right needles, the right yarn and all I had to do was shell out €13,oo for the right beads. My yarn is a different color, but I don't care. I just want to use it up, have the experience of knitting with it and adding beads, which should be a lot of fiddgety fun. I think I know someone who might like it. We'll see how it turns out first.


Littlelou said...

I love the Noro scarf style and colourway and would like one myself but Im not much of a scarf wearer as I have virtually no neck and scarves tend to leave me feeling asphyxiated!! Might adapt the pattern into a dog jacket for my pooch and have the coolest canine on the block!!

Anonymous said...

I've done two noro striped scarves. I love your colorways :) I of course being scitzo in the color department choose whatever flew off the shelf at me so they are not so...subdued? Elegant? :)

LOVE the lace. Beautiful yarn, looks very cozy, even for something that looks so delicate :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Scarf!