Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jesus Saves

A week or so ago, I walked outside to see that someone had put a little homemade sticker on my bike. I thought that surely some religious zealot had gone from bike to bike in our neighborhood stickering bikes. They had not. It was just me. It's still there. A little reminder for me every day until it completely fades and falls off. It makes me smile.

It's hot and muggy today. I'm going to the beach for the annual "beach walk" and dinner with my choir. However, I'm going with some old folks who don't want to walk on the beach. We'll take the train to the next stop. So it's just dinner. Somehow my little sticker seemed appropriate today.

Can I get an Amen?


Anonymous said...

More than anything I wish that I could ride a bike to work. I miss having a bike. I think you have inspired me to start looking for one. :D

Littlelou said...

They do say "The Lord works in mysterious ways".
Ain't that the truth?

Calvin said...

I can't believe that someone had the nerve to invade your privacy and personal property like that. I hope that homophobia isn't as rampant in the Netherlands as it is in the United States.