Saturday, July 19, 2008

Accidental Stash Growth

Some time ago, I took a bunch of small balls and knit them together to make this scarf. I didn't want to wear the scarf. The plan was to send it off to Mongolia. I posted it on the blog and someone who is very dear to me (so dear to me that there are no words to say how dear) wrote, "I saw the pic of the the 'wacky' scarf (is that Dutch for ugly?), and then I stopped looking." Good thing she was already dear to me. Isn't that right, Patty?

Anyway, I put the scarf on a shelf and it fell behind something. Then I heard something about using ends of yarn balls for making squares for afghans or something. So in an effort to distract myself from the drudgery that has become the foot of my American in China sock, I ripped it out, and I got this.
It's sort of exactly where I started before I started the scarf, but it was time spent knitting, so it's not like it was time wasted. The problem was that to make the yarn all the same gauge, I double stranded some of it. That was a pain. It was all twisted. It took an entire evening, but it was a nice break from those socks.

This is a compilation of all different kinds of yarn: tweed, wooly, superwash and some bulky black. I could really get into knitting them up into squares if I could experiment with different patterns, which I'm sure wouldn't be a problem.

A few months ago, I sent off a box of yarn to a drug and alcohol treatment center in Pennsylvania. (Interim House Inc., c/o Kathy Duffy, 333 West Upsal Street, Philadelphia PA 19119, for anyone looking for a place to send unwanted yarn.) I got back a very nice letter addressed to Ms. Baker. Ms. Baker? Of course I sent back a scathing letter about stereotyping saying how dare they assume I was a woman. I'm kidding. I thought the thank you note was a nice touch. Next time I might just sign it Butch. Of course there are butch women who knit.

I think I read something in one of the Yarn Harlot's books about a blanket. Maybe I'll try that. I was pretty horrified by the scarf when it reared it's ugly head again. Sort of like a cold sore. You're back? I thought I'd gotten rid of you? This is stash busting in reverse. We'll see what happens.

I also unearthed a sweater that I had knit for a child that I hadn't put together and now I'm not sure how the pieces fit together. The whole thing is done with every other row using a twisted purl. This was before I realized that I had been doing a backward purl my whole life! At least I was consistent. So I might rip that out if I can't find how it goes together. That'll give me more yarn I'm tired of looking at and it might put me over the edge and send me out to the post office to buy a box to get rid of this stuff. It's a nice red.

I'm taking suggestions. Does anyone know of something I can knit with this yarn and then where I could send the little pieces. (I'm don't like the idea of seaming them up.) Or has anyone tried that Yarn Harlot blanket?

I'll set some kind of time table and if it's still in the bag at the end of the year, it's off to Pennsylvania. Or is there some place in the Netherlands? Anyone?


Mel said...

That's okay. I packed up a huge box of old, unwanted stash for Interim House but since David is the one who took it to UPS, he got the thank you letter. At least it went to a good cause.

Anonymous said...

ooooh you knit! I just noticed that too :) I knit a little, I've made a few baby blankets and am currently crocheting this one:

I get confused by gauge and all that though. So I never attempt anything like sweaters.

I REALLY want to learn to knit socks though. My husband goes through socks like nobodies business and I'd love to learn to knit him some (plus some really cute ones for me too!). I'm not sure if this is something I can teach myself though. It looks so complicated with all those little needles!

Lindsay said...

There's a thing called the Warm-Up America Foundation that takes knitted or crocheted squares and seams them up into blankets that are then donated to the homeless.

Just about every major city in the US has a branch of the group.