Monday, July 21, 2008

Full Disclosure

Yesterday, after posting about rainy days and doing nothing, I counted up how many posts I had done towards my 43 so that I could determine my end date. It was yesterday. I finished my 43 posts in 43 days yesterday. So now I can miss a day and not feel bad.

As I was sitting in church yesterday waiting for the service to start (Full disclosure: I don't go every Sunday), I was talking to my friend, Alastair, and he said that something funny was going on with the blog. He said that some posts didn't show up every day. Sometimes he checked and it wasn't updated, but then he checked the previous day and the post was there where it should have been the day before. It was as if Blogger had not posted the blog post when I had posted it.

Full disclosure: I back dated sometimes. I like Blogger because you can schedule a post and it will publish it when you want - at say, three in the morning. (For instance, I'm writing this on Sunday afternoon, but I scheduled it to be posted at 9:00 on Monday morning. Magic!) But I also like it because you can post something and make it look like you did it in the past. Back dating was my friend when I was working at the hospital (no medication, just behavioral progress reports). And it's my friend now, too. I figured as long as I had started the post or if I had the idea for the post, I was okay. (Or even if I was on the edge of getting the idea for the post?)

It's like back in my days in NYC when I was in one of those anonymous groups. Now and then I would do 90 meetings in 90 days. Sometimes I knew I'd be busy during the week, so I went to two or three extra meetings on the weekend. It's fair. (Trust me, I knew people in those groups who bent all kinds of rules. I'm not takin' anybody's inventory. I'm just sayin.')

I started this because I wanted to get myself writing every day - and it did that. I know some of the posts were better than others. I still want to post more often than not in the future. A woman I know just moved. On her website - it's an actual website, not just a blog - she has the heading "An Imaginary Life Comes True."

Full Disclosure: I feel like that about my life. I couldn't have made this life up. It's pretty wonderful. So I want to get it all down. I'll be blogging, so keep checking back.

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