Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Target

One of my first memories of Amsterdam was the restroom. There was a sign that said in Dutch and in English that the toilet flushed automatically, and there was a little drawing of a fly in the urinal.

It's a funny little thing that I haven't seen anywhere else - or maybe I just hadn't seen it before. And I bet it's something that a lot of Dutch women aren't familiar with.

One might think that it's just a clever little arty touch that the Dutch added to some of their urinals. But anybody who's ever lived with a man knows that some men need a target to aim for when they are peeing. No, the gaping opening of the urinal isn't enough. It needs to be a fly drawn into the ceramic finish. What ever keeps the pee off the floor, eh?

By the way, this picture was not taken at Schiphol Airport. I took it at a museum and someone walked in while I was taking it. He thought I was a tourist. In a way, I am. We all are.


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Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! I wonder though, is the fly always in the same spot? Does aiming for the fly reduce splashing? I wonder.