Wednesday, December 24, 2008

V is for Vrucht

Vrucht is Dutch for fruit. However, a look at our friendly Dutch-English dictionary gives me the impression that it might not be this kind of fruit. Or it's not just this kind of fruit. It also says vrucht is an unborn child (an embryo) or like "the fruit of your labor." But going the other way, fruit means vrucht -> stukje fruit. (And fruit means fruit.) So maybe I'm right. What. Ever.

While Fred and I were in Croatia last year, we drove down the coast to Dubrovnik (and through a small piece of Bosnia-Herzegovina). There were tons of little fruit stands along the way.

They also sold bottles of stuff. Some of it was obviously vinegar and some looked like syrup. There were tons of bottles and tons of fruit stands. I can't see how anyone made any money. We stopped because we knew there would be some good picture snapping opportunities. We bought some fruit so we wouldn't seem like "that kind" of tourist.

Fred took these. I cropped them. The light was great. Croatia is a strangely interesting place. A lot of people think of war and strife when they think of Croatia (and Bosnia sounds like the end of the earth, doesn't it?) but it's just a quiet little vacation destination for a lot of people here.

People actually drive from here to there. We flew.

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