Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Today we do a juice fast...

While we were in Greece last week, drinking wine every night and eating whatever we wanted, I proposed to F that we do a day of juice fasting when we returned to Amsterdam. I woke up this morning thinking about coffee - forbidden, although I might have a cup of tea if I start getting a caffiene headache. And there's a cookie on the kitchen counter that I should probably put away lest I eat it without thinking. (It's one of those big, nice almond cookies they have here.) I announced yesterday that I will be doing very little today, so don't expect me to run around and do a lot of cleaning and stuff. I'm resting.

I read about the juice fast years ago and I've been totally intrigued ever since. So now that I live somewhere with a juicer and a real kitchen, I am. The real one is three days. We'll just do a one day one for now. I don't think F could take three days of no solid foods.

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