Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Browsing the Blogworld

My new favorite thing to do is Blog Surf. It is like looking at 1000 magazines. You click "Next Blog" and it takes you to a random blog. I've started noting my favorites. One I found today was called dialogblog and I have to admit that I read the entire thing. And I want to make it a point to go back regularly. Some I just want to see develop as they are new and a sort of interesting concept and some I want to read because their views are well put - in either direction.

Having seen many in the last few days, I can say that there are catagories. I don't know how many. But here are some examples:

The Japanese Blog - They have a special look, not only because of the Japanese fonts, but because of the art work graphics. They take longer to download. I find them annoying and

The Other Language Blog - This is any blog in a language other than English or Japanese, including Spanish or Russian, etc. They don't catch my interest either, but are usually not as dolled up as The Japanese Blog

The Family Blog - Blogs of families, usually very civilized looking. I should look at one to see if it's interesting.

The Ghetto Blog - These are usually written in a way to make it very difficult to read. And the words will often ChAnGe CaSe and it's filled with...sentence fragments...separated by three dots. And if you try to read them, they are just jibberish. They are my favorite Hate Blog. They're just nonsense.

The Political Blog - Rants from the Right or from the Left. Always fun to read if well written. Some have amazing links to other sites or blogs.

The Wannabe Blog - That means "I want to be clever and a good writer." I mean, of course, there's a vanity aspect to a blog, but these are people who aren't entertaining - and they are often sloppy. Sometimes things are written where it's hard to read because there are no breaks or paragraphs.

The Good Blog - Well written, entertaining. Makes me want to go back - completely subjective.

I do wish I could figure out how to put buttons and links in my blog. I'll figure it out. This website seems to be very helpful and cooperative. That's why I like looking at other blogs, to get ideas. Interesting world, this blogging.

So I mentioned how I can't stand all the bad writing and confusing crap. I think that was my main point.

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