Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Saturday's Party

Went to a party on Saturday. It was a nice party. I enjoyed it. I talked to several people and had enough to eat. I sat for a while with two women. They told me the story of how they moved here and how they got together. It was filled with drama and trying hard to find a place where they could live together and make a life. Very dramatic. One is American, one is UK-Australian. They can't live together in the US for any amount of time because the UK girl can't get a permanent staying permit. They lived in Canada for a bit and got married. Then they moved here. They're trying to get the American here. It's a pain in the ass. They are totally talkers, but entertaining.

When we left, I told F we'd play a game. We would think of catagories and give our vote and talk about people at the party. For instance: Who was the strangest person there? And one of mine was Who did you want to talk to but didn't. F's answer was that he spoke to everyone he wanted to, which I thought was interesting. My vote for who I wanted to talk to but didn't was the girlfriend of the woman he was talking to. F said, "She looked like a bitch." Apparently she had an attitude F didn't like. Another catagory was Who was the guy talking to me? He was a strange, but nice enought guy, a little spazzy for me. His French boyfriend/husband spoke with F for a while. F said he smelled a lot of cologne, b.o and cigarettes. He is what I call a faded rose.

I was surprised when we spoke about the hosts. The one, a Dutch guy, seems nice enough to me, even flirty, but F thought he had way too much attitude. He's high up in his industry. But I don't know how "important" he really is. They're married. But I was amazed that the American was as offensive to F as he was to me. F thinks the guy seems like he is looking down on him all the time. I said that I just get the idea every time we speak that he is just saying, "You're not doing the right thing and you are a fool," but saying in a "nice" way. I don't think we'll be seeing them again.

We didn't really bond with people I'd want to see again. We'll go to the next dinner in like two months. It's strange. It's only dinner and sit around and talk. No politics, nothing accomlished. It was nice.

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