Saturday, September 18, 2004

The Passion of the Christ

F and I just got finished watching "The Passion of the Christ." Wow. What a bloodfest. So much blood, so brutal. But what struck me was not just the blood. I knew it would be bloody and horrible in that way. What really bothered me was how, as Jesus was going from here to there and walking to the crucifiction site, everyone was so mean. People were throwing things and spitting. It was so mean sprited. Here's a person who is covered in blood and open sores. To me, no matter what this person has done (or not) I can't see any justification for being so mean.

The whole thing was a little overblown and unnecessary. It's like all of this political crap going on now. Sniping about Bush is only going to make Democrats cheer and Republicans get defensive. Similarly, a movie like this is only going to make people who like that sort of thing enjoy it more and people who don't believe it roll their eyes. But I wanted to see it, and we did.

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