Friday, September 17, 2004

Busy Friggin' Day

This morning I went to my volunteer job - Riekerhof. - at 10:30. I left at 1:30, stopped by the house, and got to school by 2:15, where I stayed until 5:00. I spoke so much Dutch today. Even on the bike ride from place to place I tried to keep thinking Dutch. I went over conversations I'd had with people, thinking that if I continued thinking Dutch, it would be easier to segue into class. I even call F and spoke to him in Dutch. It was a long day. My head is so full. I'm exhausted and glad to be home and in pajamas.

F is at the theater and it's nice to be sitting here alone watching t.v. and going through boxes that he mailed to me weeks ago.

i just ran across a brilliant blog yesterday - completely by chance. It's It's amazing. I read the whole thing. I recommend.

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Neil SD said...

Oh, that's a really good one. Reminds me of my job sitting in a kiosk all day.