Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Re-reading and Today

I just read my last post - my review of "The Village," review being used in the broadest sense. The only word I could think of to describe it was "bouncy." It sounded like I was caffiened up and bouncing on a bed, which I was not. I hate that. Oh well. They can't all be...interesting or tollerable. I feel like I should apologize. So I am.

What a long day I had today. I had my volunteer work, after which I was told that I should talk in the meeting after work and say if something didn't go right that day, if someone (one of my co-workers) didn't follow the rules. Then I had to explain the concept of "tattling." I promised to bring it up next time it happens - and it will. Bep really is wonderful. She's a sort of rough-hewn, smokey Dutch woman who has "a heart as big as the great outdoors" - to quote an old friend, Nancy, who was quoting someone else.

Then I went to class. It was my first day of my next Dutch class. I really have to concentrate when people talk. In English I can read or draw or think and I pick up information. In Dutch, the second I look away it all becomes "blah blah blah." In contrast, when I listen, I pick most of it up - enough to follow. I really have to start speaking more. Turns out F is an incredible resourse that many people just don't have. Even people with a Dutch partner don't always have one that will speak Dutch with them.

I capped off my day with choir rehearsal, which was fun. Last week all I could think of was, "Is it time to got home yet?" And then I made the mistake of going out for a beer. It's usually a great mix of a lot of people. Last week it was a German couple and two Scottish brothers. Wow - talk about uncomfortable. Tonight it was more fun, a larger group. What a long day - for the next six weeks.

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