Monday, September 13, 2004

The Village

Last night F and I went to see "The Village." Movies come here so much later, generally, than they do in the States. So a review isn't really necessary, but I'm always very generous with my opinion. So here goes.

I liked it. I thought it was well done. I didn't even see the little twist at the end until they announced it. But I'm never very good at figuring out twists. F said he thought there might be something fishy going on towards the beginning. I loved the actress that plays the blind girl. She's new-sh. Bryce Dallas Howard. I just looked her up on (one of my all-time my favorite sites) She was born in Dallas - like me.

I was totally with her throughout. And I loved the concept. It was worth every bit of the nine euro me. I would guess F would say it was worth more like six or seven euro. But he figured out The Sixth Sense early on whereas I, again, didn't get it until it was shown to me. But I'm like that. I enjoy the story and I don't try to think about things like that first go round.

P.S. Ebert and Roeper (who also have a wonderful website) gave it one thumb up (Roeper) and one down (Ebert). So there you go.

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