Saturday, October 02, 2004

Political Moment

Last night, while F was at the theatre, I watched the first presidential debate, which I had taped the night before. I was amazed at how desperate and stupid Bush looked. Kerry got in a few nice punches. It was nice to see. What shocked me was that after it was over, two political pundits, one Republican and one Democrat, were spinning what we had all just seen.

The Democrat was some guy who had worked with Clinton. He was very lefty, very intellectual looking. He reiterated the points that Kerry had made. The Republican guy was someone who had been a part of Bush's staff at some point. He looked like a queen. I'm sure he was. What any self-respecting queen is doing working for, or speaking in favor of, Bush is beyond me. It was amazing to see him say, with a completely str...serious face that Bush had done well. He said that Kerry was obviously ill-prepared and that Bush had not only made his points well, but done something really shocking, which was talk about meeting a woman who had lost her husband in Iraq. It was complete manipulation. People do that in arguments when they have nothing else to say. It's like playing the race card in an argument. It was just empty.

I wonder how a man like that leaves a studio knowing he has just lied to the interviewer and lied to whoever was watching about what had just happened. I can see him saying to his boyfriend as he got into the car, "I have just sold my soul to the devil on national television. I need a drink!" It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing to see a queen defending Bush AND to see him doing it badly.

My entire family is Bush lovers, except maybe my sister. I don't understand why. No one has ever asked me why I'm a gay Christian Democrat ex-pat. I guess they don't care. I would love to know why they back Bush. I don't think they have any reasoning other than he's a Republican and he's from Texas. It's not like he's done a good job as the pResident. He's a disaster.

What struck me most last night was Bush's complete lack of desire to work with other countries and to have talks. It's this fake Texan thing he's put on. It's that thing my father has as a part of his personality. It's "Fuck what anybody else thinks. I'm going to do what I want to do." It's that attitude that has my father in such a crappy place with his family and it's that attitude that has America in such a crappy place in the world. Four more years of a Bush presidency could put America and the world in a disasterous place.

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