Monday, October 04, 2004

First Monday of the Month

The first Monday of every month at noon, they test the air rade sirens, or the public warning system, or whatever that system is. The first few times it scared me for a second, until I did looked at the time and considered that the first day of the month might play a part in the moaning of the sirens. I did, however, call F the first time just to check to see if that was a normal sound that I should get used to. It was.

F is in Florence again, as he has been for the past month or so. He seems to be growing weary of the travel. Yesterday he said, "I wish it was Wednesday evening." Then he would be coming back home instead of heading off to what have been fairly tedious meetings about some kind of computer thing they are doing.

I've been writing on my book, using the Snowflake Process, which I am finding very interesting. The whole idea is to keep adding onto a sentence until you have like a hundred scenes and then you can order them and write them out - again in a very specific way. The process ends with first draft. Of course there is another way that one should go about edting each scene. It's very specific, but it sounds logical, so I'm going to try it. What have I got to lose? I'm having some trouble writing scene after scene in my normal style because I'm not sure where I should mention something or if it needs to be mentioned in an earlier scene.

That said, I also have to study Dutch because I have class tomorrow. It's getting easier, but more challenging at the same time. Meeting Dana, [pronounced Donna] the Israeli girl for coffee before class. She's the one who said I look 33.

For the record, I have a strange new zit/cyst above my left eye. When I was 19, I had the same thing. At that time I could just go to the dermatologist and have him do something - which was an injection to make it heal quickly and go away - and the office would bill my parents. Now I'm not sure what to do. F poo-pooed it when I expressed concern yesterday. Granted, it didn't look then like it looks now. I feel sort of freakish because now the bridge of my nose is wider on one side, making my left eye looks small. It'll proabably be fine in time, but I'm so egotistical about my looks that I feel like I should stay in and call in sick to everything but Dutch class until my face is back to normal. The good news is that my skin looks very good. Nice combo with the freaky eye and clear skin.

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