Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Things that Happen on a Tuesday

I'm looking forward to the vice-presidential debates. I'm taping them now and I will watch them tomorrow nights. I know that Dick Cheney is a lot smarter than George Bush, so I think it will be a fairer match. I just hope that John Edwards will kick some ass. It should be complete, high drama as they try to cut each other up while smiling and seeming trustworthy.

Choir was a little frustrating today as the director has been on this tired and grouchy kick lately. She doesn't seem to realize that these people are just people, not professional musicians.

Dutch class was sort of interesting. Not a whole lot happens each class. But I did get a phone number today of an organization that puts people who want to practice their Dutch with people who are willing to give an hour a week speaking Dutch to "buitenlanders." Dana is a interesting new friend. She's Israeli, but her goal is to move (with her Dutch boyfriend) to the US.

Life at De Kloof is normal. Catrien left with very little ceremony last week. She was a bitter pill. I told her "Success in alles" when I said good-bye. So we have a different crew.

Marianna, the girl from Texas, is really young. She has gotten close to one of the visitors. She said she was going to "drop by where he's staying and see if he's okay." I thought it was a creepy idea. He lives in the park. Sounds like a recipe for danger to me. I told Bep, the coordinator. But before I did that, Marianna brought it up in the meeting "Like I was going to see one of the visitors at where he's staying in the park. That's okay, isn't it?"

Bep said, "Let's make an appointment to talk."

"Because we never talked about that in the interview."

"Yes, we did. We'll make an appointment to go over all that again," Bep said.

Wacky girl.

F remains out of town. He'll be back tomorrow. Snowflake is going well. I think I'll have a very nice story when this is done. It'll be good to see Fred.

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