Monday, January 24, 2005

Looking for Work

Last night I spoke with a friend of my new pal, Dana. Ayelet. I had a quick question about something she'd done. She pestered an agency in a very productive way and I wanted to replicate what she'd done, hopefully with the same agency. She mentioned that she worked at a recruitment agency that does a lot of finance type jobs. While I don't love the idea of working in finance, I welcome any possibility of a job. So I spoke up. "Send me your resume," she said. I did.

Ayelet wrote back today saying that I might be better served at their sister company. She forwarded my info to them. It's a next step. I am thankful. She's a good example for me. Why do I want to use the word "plucky" when I think of her?

I also donned my suit today and set out for ProJobs. It's on the street here with every other employment agency. It's really crazy. One after the other. Seems so strange to me, but there they all are. But the beauty of ProJobs is that they have a sign on the door that says, "Come in and talk with us about employment opportunities." I went.

I could have been stark naked under my overcoat. No one saw my freshly ironed shirt or beautiful gray, fake-Italian suit. Annemieke asked me to sit down right as I was, and I did. She wasn't...encouraging, but she said there were possibilities. The good thing is that there's a person I can talk to who knows my face and has some sense of me. She said to CALL her if I see something I think might be appropriate. Love that. Tell me to call? I'll call.

After ProJobs, I went to Ferragamo. F said that the manager of the store, Rochelle, needed somethings moved and organized. Since both guys that work there don't fall into the catagory of "real" men, she calls me. They don't lift and carry. They're a little gentile. I am working, again, for clothing or shoes or something. That's fine. I can always use those.

What a day! Tomorrow I have an interview at Mise en Something. It's the place that our friend, Boris, hooked me up with. It's day work at Christie's Auction House. The woman totally didn't want to talk with me, but she liked that I have a BA in Fine Art. Boris said today, "If she gives you any trouble, call me!"

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