Tuesday, February 01, 2005

NYC Apartment Gone

Today, after a bit of drama, I officially no longer have an apartment in New York City. I'm not sure how much I've written about it, but I will try to give a quick Reader's Digest version.

At the end of November, I got an e-mail from my father's wife telling me that they had received a phone call from a lawyer in NYC about my apartment and were willing to offer a "settlement."

I had been waiting on a lease renewal letter and it had not come. My lease was already a month past due.

I called the lawyer and he told me that he knew that I was now living in Amsterdam and that Alisdair was living in my apartment. I told him Alisdair was my boyfriend and that I was currently working in Amsterdam, but that I still lived there. He said that I would need lots of documentation to prove that we were really in a relationship. Lots. Like shared bank accounts, proof that we were living together prior to my "working in Amsterdam." Too much stuff.

He said that if I could move out without having to go to court, he could offer me a settlement. I asked how much. He said, "Between $5000 and $7500."

I said, "Let me discuss this with Alisdair and call you Wednesday."

I realized that I was sunk. I don't like lying and obviously the little I did did no good. I also don't think that I would ever want to move back into that apartment. If I were to keep it, I knew that I would need to do it in an easy way. I think moving back there would feel like I had failed, like I was moving back in time. It's not an apartment for an adult. Everytime I walked into the door it would feel like I was in some kind of spooky dream.

I told Alisdair to deposit the rent ($550 plus an extra hundred) into my account and then give the management company one of my checks (I left a stack). I said, "They want to see my signature every month."

A couple of months went by and Chris called me to tell me that he'd found a notice on the door, opened it, and read that I was two months behind (this being towards the end of a month). I called Alisdair and he gave me some crazy story about sending the rent to the management company through a friend and it getting lost. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. I said, "Just pay the rent." He sent me an e-mail later and told me that he had left The Trust, where we met, and he needed to: a) stop paying the extra $100, and b) pay by money order. I didn't like it, but I said, "Pay the rent. That is the most important thing."

Anyway, after speaking to the lawyer, I called Alisdair and said, "They want us out."

He asked when.

I said, "It's up to you. If you can give me a date and keep to it, they will give me my deposit back."

He said, "February 1."

I said, "Okay."

I spoke to the lawyer again and we talked numbers. I said, "How much are you offering?"

"5000 to $7500."

I said, "$7500. And what about the deposit?"

He said, "Tag it on and we'll make it $8000."

A few days later, I got the contract. Alisdair knew nothing about the settlement.

A little while later, another lawyer called me. "We haven't received December's rent."

I called Alisdair. Then I called the lawyer.

"Okay. We have December's rent [It's now the end of December], but Alisdair said that he won't have January's rent until the 31st."

I ended up paying it, with F's money, and telling Alisdair that Chris had paid it. "You have to pay him back as soon as possible!"

He did. He felt bad about screwing with Chris' finances. Finally a lie that worked.

He got out yesterday. Chris was supposed to turn over the keys and sign for the check. I hope nothing went wrong. Chris is a true friend. Alisdair told him that and he said, "Andy's been a good friend to me over the years." Chris and I had a little, You're so Great conversation yesterday. I really do miss him. My friend, Bob, agreed, as did F and, I think, Patty. "Why should you give him anything?" They all asked.

Chris said that he hopes that I don't give Alisdair any money. He really did screw the whole thing up. I know Alisdair is expecting a check for $650 in a few weeks. I have to write him a letter telling him that he won't be getting anything - and why.

I really thought that he was a responsible guy. He was one of those "responsible-25 year-olds." I said, "Yeh. He's 25, but he's very mature. Very responsible." He's a jackass.

So as of today, I have no apartment in NYC. Oh well. Move on. I live here now - and I love it.

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