Monday, May 09, 2005

Mother's Day

Last night I called my mother for Mother's Day. I decided to not call my father's wife, as I decided about a year ago that she is the type of person on whom I do not want to bestow the word "mother" even if it is softened by the word "step." It's not that I think she's a bad person or that she is some sort of evil influence. She just showed her true colors and I am happy to have her in my life only as my father's wife. It's like shaking hands with your arm fully extended.

My mother was happy that I called, a little pre-occupied as they were at a restaurant waiting to be seated. I'd just spoken to her a week ago and, as we don't talk much, we'd sort of done our talking already. After speaking to her, she handed the phone to Alyssa, my niece (12). She is growing up. Our conversation mostly had to do with when school was ending. I remember chatting with her in August as she was counting down the days to the school year beginning. She's the best chatter (on AIM) of the bunch, but she was a little shy on the phone.

Alyssa handed the phone to Michael (14). He has a really deep voice suddenly - sounds just like his father. He's entered the awkward age where he is no longer a boy, but not yet a man. It's the age his father was when I met him - about a year before my sister, Kathy, met him. Our conversation had to do with poor grades. Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Michael handed the phone to Ben (11). Ben and I talked about what time it was in Amsterdam. He also asked me if I was doing any writing. I thought it was an interesting question, certainly one that endeared him to me. Ben is also a pretty good chatter on AIM. Michael is terrible. Anything I write to elicit a response from Michael comes back with "good" or "lol." It's a little tedious.

Ben handed the phone to Jonathan. Jonathan, being six or something like that, has no interest in anything not in front of his face or not action oriented. He told me that his favorite subject in school is something called "Free Play" where they do what they want to do. I told him that would probably be his favorite subject for the rest of his life - it is definitely mine. He enjoys playing with barn yard animal toys. What a life!

Jonathan, at his last birthday, said he wanted to be in the military. I hope he gets over that fascination with guns, fighting and drab green.

After that, I spoke with Kathy, of whom I have become desperately fond in the past several years. My ally in the struggle. Which struggle? The struggle to lead a normal life having been reared in that household and having the constant influence of it in my life.

Happy Mother's Day.

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