Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Standing in Line

In Texas, a person stands IN line if he is waiting to get on a bus. In New York City, a person stands ON line. In Amsterdam, a person stands in a clump. It's like catching a bus in China (so I've heard.) There's no system. People wander up and scooty-poo right up to the front. It's wild, untamed.

In the post office they have a wonderful system. Just like Baskin-Robbins, they have a little machine to give numbers and they have number display and a bell that rings when it's time for the person with that number to be served. It's beautiful, so civilized. Makes me want to mail a package.

I'd heard of the lineless mentality, but I thought it was an exaggeration. I think it's one of those things woven deeply into the fabric of this society. Maybe it's an aversion to lines, like breadlines and all that they had to do after the war. And people see their parents refuse to stand in line and so on. I shrug. We've all got demons to deal with.

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TravelGayzette.com said...

I love the post office idea. It is very civilized.