Monday, July 11, 2005

Making Out on a Train

This morning on the train, I was standing waiting to get out. As always, I am very much caught up in my world and focused on getting off the train, onto my bus, and back to my sudoku puzzle.

Standing in front of me was a couple. Nice looking, tall, blonde Dutch people in their twenties. Right as the doors opened, the guy turned to the girl and they started kissing. It only took a few seconds, but it seemed like much longer. I'm the type that hits the gas the moment the light turns green.

I find crap like that extra frustrating. I know the thrill of having a new squeeze. I understand how nice it is to lay one on someone and how gushy it makes you feel, but, hello, there is a train full of people who do not share these feelings, do not care how mushy your insides feel and only want to get out of the train. I hate that. It's a phase, I know. In a year they will either be broken up, on their way to a bitter break up, or in the midst of a relationship as exciting as dishwater.

But still...get out of my way.

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