Sunday, July 10, 2005

Normal Sized Dwarf

This morning, as I was getting on the train, I looked over at a guy in line and was amazed at the face of the man standing three people away from me. You know how many dwarves have a sort of a look. It's a product of the disorder (achondroplasia). It's a sort of long face with a small, upturned nose.

So this guy, who was totally normal sized, had that face. I noticed his profile. It was sort of shocking. Rather unfortunate, I'd say.

I find dwarves and midgets fascinating. I find all people who fit into a freak show fascinating. Siamese twins are my absolute favorite, but dwarves and midgets are high on the list. People born with no arms, dog faced boys, giants, etc.

Years ago in NYC, there was a tiny little guy, a midget I think. He was like two and a half feet tall. I would see him in bars. I think he was gay. He just walked down the street like he was completely unaware that he was extra short. I wondered who dated him and what sort of screening process he went through before getting into a relationship. I dated a Black guy one time who asked me, "Have you every dated a Black man before or are you just fulfilling some Jungle Fever fantasy?" Could a midget ask the same question?

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