Friday, August 19, 2005

Annoying Podcasts

Lately I have been talking to people about podcasts a lot. I love the variety. There are some shows that I really enjoy. For instance, I save Cinecast until I have twenty minutes where I can really listen, perhaps while I'm folding clothes or cleaning the fish bowls. And there are shows that serve as good background noise, like the radio - Morning Sedition, Feast of Fools.

Then there are shows that I have tried to listen to, but they annoy me. The host(s) thinks he, or they, are funny or insightful and they are drunk with a bit of fame. The microphone has entranced them and they believe they can do no wrong. I downloaded them and tried them out because I heard people talk about how great they were.

It's not their opinions. They are mostly open, fair-minded people. It's the attitudes. It's the presentation that annoys me. It's the baseless arguments. It's the display of a particular couple's inside jokes.

Because the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, I am not going to list the ones that I don't like. I would like them to just go away. Maybe they bug me because I realize that I could very easily slip into that whole "cute" thing and I find it repulsive.

On the other hand, I just finished listening to Earthcore - the world's first podcast-only novel - and I really enjoyed it. I got totally hooked. I recommend.

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