Sunday, August 07, 2005

Doll Maker

A few weeks ago, I read an ad in a local English-language paper about a call for dolls made to express feelings about the current president of the United States. The website is It's not a particularly angry website. The front page reads:

"We, the People, Re: George W. Bush calls out to people around the globe to create handmade dolls that express their opinions of the President of the United States.

We aim to collect and exhibit hundreds of dolls created during the President’s second term in order to provide a platform for voices and visions of people from around the world to come together, be seen, heard, and felt.

This is an experiment in true democracy. Everyone is invited to participate. So take up a needle, a paintbrush, a glue gun… and create your own doll, reflecting your vision of the current leader of the United States."

I'm sure it was started by some artsy Lefties, or Liberals. But I'm also sure that they would enjoy seeing dolls made by Republicans. In fact, I think that would make the whole thing much more interesting. Who wants to see a whole exhibition of dolls made with hateful feelings about GWB?, but other viewpoints would be interesting too.

I started mine a couple of weeks ago. At first, I knew only what ball of yarn I wanted to use...and that I wanted to knit it. It's become a pretty lovely little thing. And it's become quite involved. I'm proud of it and I will post a picture here when I am finished.

My last year in my first graduate school, I actually had to make a doll for a class - Materials class. I was an art therapy student. I did it stoned in my dorm room at the last minute. It was Stella and she was there to help people (read: me) in hopeless situations (read: art therapy school) out of that situation. She's still in a box somewhere, having done her job.

This one requires a little more explanation, and is much neater - the seams meet up, etc. I'll be really glad to get her finished.

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