Saturday, August 06, 2005

She's the Pretty One

Last night I went to a dinner party at the home of a couple from church. They are German and sort of yuppy-ish. She's a doctor and he's a chemist. I thought the dinner party would be more of a garden party, i.e. I thought we would be standing and mingling while we ate. Hence, I thought that it would be appropriate to show up a little late. In the words of my old friend, Jack, "My God, Andy, who in the world shows up at a party at seven when the host says it starts at seven? That's crazy!"

When I showed up at 7:45, everyone was seated at the table. It was mostly older people. White hair was the order of the day. It was like a nursing home. I apologized for being so late and I was seated between the hosts. The sister of the wife was seated across from me. They look so much alike that when she opened the door, I thought she'd done someting new with her hair.

At some point, the sister got up and went into the kitchen. I turned to the host.

"So that's your sister?"

"Yes. My younger sister. Please don't ask her if she is the older one."

I nodded and looked at her and thought,'re the pretty one. These sisters are probably a pair of siblings who have always been in some sort of competition their whole lives. Except that our host has been blowing her sister out of the water her whole life. She is a doctor. She is fluent in (at least) three languages. And...she's prettier.

Our host is certainly not your average German beauty. She's hippy and her eyes are a little too far apart. But next to her sister, she's definitely the more attractive and put together. The sister doesn't even try.

So she was telling me,in essence, "We all know that I'm more attractive and that I look younger, but please don't rub it in by asking her if she is younger. It will only make her feel bad - again." I have mixed feelings about our host. I get really tired of her really quickly.

At 9:30, she announced that it was time for us to leave. How rude! But thank God she did. I was completely over the whole group, but especially her.

Gutten tag, indeed!

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