Monday, August 01, 2005

Smack on the Nose

We have these cubbord doors that swing up. Occassionally, the mechanism keeping it in the track will come out and we'll have to snap it back into place. It's a pain, but it's harmless. Until last night.

Last night, I was alone in the apartment. F was out of town. I opened the door and lifted it up and that heavy thing (it's metal) got out of its track and shocked me by swinging out and smashing me in the nose. I was stunned. I know I heard a crack. I felt my nose and went to the bathroom to look at it. I thought it might be broken. It looked fine, but I figured it would be best to put ice on it.

The ice proved to be challenging. It wouldn't get cold, I could do anything but hold it (thus, I could not cook). So I quit. I decided to tend to it later and keep tabs on it. Plus, my friend, Patty, was going to call and we were going to talk while I cooked and walked around. I didn't have an extra hand to hold it.

It's sore today, but it's not red or blue or anything. Still, I flinch when I have to open that door - and it's the one I have to open most. I hate stuff like that. It's why I'm not a fighter and why I've always hated fighting, getting hit in the face. That totally sucks.

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