Thursday, August 04, 2005

Thoughts on Nate and Di

I have recently done a lot of sampling of podcasts. It's one of those things I've been obsessively listening to lately. With iTunes 4.9, I can download one episode of someone's show and listen to it before I decide whether or not I will subscribe. All of this is free, which I find quite amazing.

As I am pretty opinionated, I thought I would give my opinions on a few that I have listend to. Helpful? Maybe, we'll see.

The Nate and Di Show ( They are two twenty-somethings who are married and live in a storage shed. There is a self-obsessed quality to the show. They talk mostly about themselves, their lives and people they know - people you should know. The first show I listened to was their First Annual Independence Day Controversial Cast Convention with Soccergirl from Soccergirl Incorporated ( The three of them talked for an hour about nothing. Di laughed and acted cute - one of those laughs that makes you want to do something to upset her, so she'll stop.

They were amazingly adept at talking about nothing and leaving little to no airspace. They are all convinced that their lives are fascinating and unique and that the modicum of fame that they have (as evidenced by fan mail) is somehow real. They talk openly about smoking pot, which seems a little odd to me, as both shows come out of middle America. Maybe that's what makes them so tantilizingly edgy. It gave me the same feeling as sitting next to some people on a train who talk too loud - again, about nothing.

That said, it's sort of addictive. I listened to the whole thing. However, I know how I am. I can get addicted to this trash, or some better quality trash.

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