Friday, August 05, 2005

Feast of Fools

A good example of podcast that is chatty and pretentious, but fun to listen to, is Feast of Fools ( Make sure you use NET, not com, if you type it in. It's a gay guy in Chicago, which probably makes it a little more palitable to me. It's just that listening to a silly queen for an hour is more entertaining than listening to young, straight couples talk about smoking weed out of a carrot.

Fausto, the young Latino who gets amazingly big name people to "appear" on the show (John Waters and Tim Miller). He's a pretty good interviewer, makes me laugh. His boyfriend, Mark, is on the show a lot. It's got a good theme song and they actually have an agenda.

Like some others, Fausto obviously has ambitions of being one of the big name podcasters, and he should be. He's fun and relatively smart. He's got this strange relationship to a young, retarded, gay guy who he was planning on meeting, but then the guy took off and he calls in once in a while to talk about where he is and what his plans are - and then to ask for money.

Again, it's just people talking, but then again, so were Merv Griffin, Rosie O'Donnell and Johnny Carson. It's all just chat and they want to be famous for talking.

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