Sunday, October 23, 2005

Annoying Richard

This morning at church there was an odd little combo - a tuba, two violins, a piano, a tenor and a baritone - during the special music time. There was some composer in town and he'd gotten a few of the musicians of the church to perform his piece "I Have a Dream" based on the speech by MLK, but using only those four words.

The tenor is the star tenor of our church, Richard. He's apparently a professional tenor. He sings, he directs, he composes a bit, plays the piano. One of those music majors from college who just went with it. So that's admirable. Why he's here is beyond me, but he has a house in Zwolle and keeps busy.

Then there's the annoying part. He's one of those who will sit and hear a piece played on the organ and frown, saying that the piece of music is inappropriate because it's not appropriate for the season. Guarantee: 99% of the other folks in the congregation are completely unaware of the appropriateness, don't care or are not listening. He's just being prissy.

On the bright side, he can sightread music like no one I've ever seen. He's absolutely amazing.

He's also one of those that is just a little too prissy for his own good. He's nearing 50, is still single and is thin as a rail. He's got good skin and a full head of hair, but he's got this schoolmarm look, like he's just waiting to tell you what you just screwed up. He's what happens to those little kiss ass kids who do their homework and know all the answers and are teacher's pet.

I keep my distance.

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