Thursday, October 20, 2005

Speaking Dutch

F is in Switzerland until tomorrow evening. When he returns, we have a dinner date with our friend Henk (and possibly Yvonne) with their friend's son, Richard. Henk said that Richard really likes me - probably because I speak fluent English and occassionally say things like, "Dude!" My Dutch is getting so that I speak mostly Dutch at our dinner group evenings. For the past year he's had me cornered every month so he can practice his English. I think Friday will be an evening of English.

Monday evening, we were out with Henk and Yvonne and Yvonne started to tell a story. Henk said, "Von, in Enlish for Andy."

F said, in Dutch, "Yvonne is the person that Andy understands the best when she speaks Dutch." (I'd told her that before.)

Henk said, "Really? Why? Why don't you understand me when I speak Dutch?"

I said, in Dutch, "Because you always speak to me in English."

The rest of the evening was in Dutch. As it turns out, Henk likes to practice his already good English. I have long suspected that it wasn't just for my benefit that he spoke English all the time, but because he likes to practice. Well, speak your mother tongue. I need practice, too.

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