Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So American

This morning walking into the building, I met a Danish guy who works on my floor. He's a consultant. He looked at me and smiled and then said, "Andy, you look so American today with your baseball cap and your ipod."

I smiled and shrugged. What am I to do? I wanted to say, "Well, sometimes when you call me, for a few seconds, I think I'm talking to a husky woman."

F hates the baseball cap thing. But it's just one of those things that I am so accustomed to and so used to wearing. I bought a different kind of hat when we were in Cyprus, but I always feel foolish wearing it. It's totally touristy looking to me. I wear it with my cabana-wear, my vacation shirts. I would never wear it around town here.

I like a hat. I'm enough of a New Yorker to feel like I need to wear a hat in the winter, and winter is coming. It's nice out now - a little chilly. Enough that a medium weight jacket and a scarf will keep me comfortable.

And who wants to look all European, anyway?

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Anonymous said...

who wants to look all european?
someone with a sense of style, probably.