Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I Don't Say "Hate" Much, But...

I've had a little time this morning, so I've been doing a little blog surfing. I found myself reading a blog today written by some guy who is probably suicidally depressed. He uses like every four letter word every invented, repeats them and then makes up a few. It was pretty vile, but interesting, like a train wreck is interesting.

Then I realized that I was squinting and reading a blog with a black background. Why in the world do people think it's so cool to do that? For me, it's just a squintfest. I don't day "hate" much (one more hangover from my father: "Hate is a very strong word") But I will say that I dispise blogs with a black background.

While squinting into my screen trying to read the line under the title, which is dark gray on black (great idea), I realized why they think it's a good design. They are sitting in a room that's dark and depressing and it shows up fine. It's probably the middle of the night as they write, too. Whereas, I, who sit in a room that is not only flooded with natural light (new blinds are apparently on order), but the florescent lights are also on. Thus, I need a little contrast in my onscreen reading.

A good example of what I like in a blog is mine. It's black on white. It makes sense.

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